Author: Richa Sharma


The Deadly 7 AM

If you have ever dropped a child off for school in the morning or have ever driven through the school zone then you know what I mean to say here. This is the time when school buses, vans, private cars rush to reach their respective schools. I call it the most dangerous hour one can witness in the wee hours of morning.


Childhood At Stake

Sometimes we see things happening around us but tend to ignore due to lack of time or concern. You can’t do this now! With our campaign #Childhoodatstake we are aiming to take some concrete...


Its 2019 and is time to take life easily and avoid stress for any thing. So, why stress to celebrate New Year, 2019.



Never knew Tuesday morning would bring such an horrifying incident. A friend calls at 9:50 am horrified and panicked informing about the mishap just a kilometre away. Unaware of the exact incident we rushed...

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