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My Lockdown Story

It’s very rare on my blog that I share my personal experiences. Offdhook is more about people and stories that matter to you and me. It’s nothing to do with my life as a blogger! However, recently I felt that I do have stories to tell. I too, have my own experiences. Every story has something special to say, inspire and motivate. Who knows that someone in some part of the world reads your story and finds it interesting/motivating?


SPRING 2020 and the CORONA Scare – a flashback

It was March 2020, the season of spring and new beginnings. Unfortunately, no one knew that the time ahead will bring the most disastrous news of COVID-19 Pandemic. India was busy celebrating the joys that season of spring brings along. Virus attacked and boom!! Everyone locked, stunned and in shock. Definitely a life changing moment for the whole World. Thanks to the birds, our only companions and chirpers we could bond during the lockdown. Yes, certainly it was a bond to cherish. The loneliness, the quietness slowly seeped in making us more grateful towards our lives. Humanity saw the best out of its own people. Humankind suddenly became more appreciative. However, it was not an easy year.


The Deadly 7 AM

Part 2 This is the Part 2 of our story The Deadly 7 AM. For Part 1 please click here . Offdhook in conversation with Mr. Piyush Tewari, founder and CEO of SaveLIFE Foundation,...

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