Category: Breaking Myth


Lopping off your tresses is not empowering!

But, believe me when I cut my hair short, the feeling of letting go mixed with ‘not a big deal’ thought empowered me more than the hairstyle itself. It is not my look, which is mounting my confidence rather the feeling of not being mad about small little things in life and my belief in myself that my personality has nothing to do with my success and failures. My inner beauty is more valuable; it makes me a better person every day.



Where do you turn when life gets you down? Who do you think is your mentor, your pillar of strength amidst the turmoil? A bona fide Guru! Today India is living in the age...


The Poor Tree

  Religiously important, medically needed and culturally worshipped, is the tree, which stands lonesome at every corner of a street. Quietly it tolerates and possesses the redundant and superfluous material thrown at him. Its...

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