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Ranju Singhi – At The Forefront of India’s ‘Integrated Development’

Sustainable solutions are the efforts to limit the humanity’s impact on the environment. With the rising metropolis’ we have paved the way for the concrete jungles. However, the new conscious way of living is emerging and we are incorporating eco-friendly and sustainable choices in our lifestyles. There is a new wave where we see many architects and architecture firms adopting technologies having minimal interference with the nature. One such powerful woman is Ranju Singhi, CEO & CO-Founder, BASICS Architects. She is leading the way in sustainable integrated development with her ideas in India and across the globe. Offdhook speaks to Ranju Singhi on sustainable living practices and the new forms of designs in the post COVID-19 era. 


‘Punah’ – A Social Enterprise With Earth Friendly Solutions

At Offdhook we believe in uplifting, encouraging and supporting women. Giving women a platform to showcase their amazing work is the idea behind offdhook Women’s Day Special series. One such woman is Nilima Buch who runs a small social enterprise called ‘PUNAH’ in Delhi’s suburb called Dwarka. We believe that her story will motivate you to opt for more eco-friendly products in your everyday life. In conversation with Nilima.


Meet a young Eco – Warrior from Prayagraj

This young girl from Prayagraj is on a mission to make India ‘plastic free’. Her videos on the you tube channel are so impressive that I could not stop myself from reaching out to her. She is creating awareness on the environment issues with some amazing content on her social media channels. Offdhook in conversation with ‘Waste Free Woman’.


Mind your ‘Zero-Waste’ business please!

This Women’s day Offdhook is bringing you some amazing women who are on a mission to change the world. And, to our surprise we came across many women who are working on sustainable and eco-friendly solutions.


Wherever we go PATRIARCHY follows…

Emblazoned everywhere the word Patriarchy has become more stubborn and just not ready to leave us. It literally follows wherever we go like a glue. Activists, scholars, students, women Icons have been at loggerheads with this subject but unfortunately we still struggle in the 21st century

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